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The New Beginnings Church

Whether you’ve never been to church or you are fully engaged in following Jesus, there’s a place for you at NBC, and everyone is welcome. 

NBC is a uniquely diverse church – in age and stage, culture and class. We believe that the diversity of our church reflects the truth that God really does love all people. Our pastor carries a deep commitment to the church that reflects God’s heart for all. NBC was born out of a desire to join this value with a passion for excellence that embraces big dreams. We are willing to try new things in order to communicate God’s love to those who have given up on church. 

1. To Reach People Who Feel Far From God

Which means, we meet people where they are and engage the world with hospitality and generosity.

2. To Make Disciples

Which means, we help people to live like Jesus did – with the same God-given purpose and an extraordinary love and grace for others that can truly change the world.

3. To Build Families

Which means, we care about relationships, and we help people to thrive by taking intimacy, honesty and forgiveness seriously within their own families and the church as a family.

4. To Transform Communities

Which means, we serve our neighbors and our community to bring greater justice, freedom and joy.

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